Caffitaly System was incorporated in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs sharing a passion for coffee. Rapidly making its name in the production and sale of coffee capsules, the first factory in Gaggio Montano developed quickly and in 2010 a new factory was inaugurated in Rozzano, in the heart of Milan's industrial area.


Years of research and development have allowed us to develop the Caffitaly System: a combined system consisting of machines and capsules whose components are protected by international patents. These patents guarantee the company and its partners a unique and reliable system and provide the necessary tools to achieve success in their respective markets.


Each Caffitaly System capsule contains 8 grams of pure ground coffee, which is the perfect amount of coffee in order to preserve the flavour and aroma of all blends and employ the technology of the system in the best way.

Coffee extraction occurs by passing water at high pressure through an upper filter, uniformly infusing every single coffee grain, then through a bottom filter, resulting in a strong espresso with an intense aroma, covered by a thick, rich cream.

Autry System - Le Monde Caffitaly System

The blends

are obtained by selecting the best qualities of coffee as well as specially designed machines to obtain the right pressure and offer the best taste and aroma. The coffee is always perfect, from the first to the last capsule. The perfect espresso with every cup.

That's not all. The special shape of the capsule of Caffitaly System makes it possible to package any type of coffee: the excellent Italian ristretto and espresso, the long coffee (lungo) and the cream coffee to satisfy all tastes.


Caffitaly is devoted to a unique field of research in the coffee sector: selecting the best technology and applying it to creating the best coffee. This intuition led to the Caffitaly System, an internationally patented combined system machine- capsule. So you can enjoy your favourite coffee, and be sure of obtaining the quality you’re looking for.

Main features of Caffitaly System

  • Easy and practical: just a simple gesture to prepare a perfect espresso in a few seconds.

  • Fast: the capsule is always ready for use, no need for preparations

  • Sealing and hygiene: the product contained in the capsules is never touched directly and is always protected against all atmospheric conditions.

  • Unique: Caffitaly system offers an innovative capsule, protected by international patents, which preserves the taste and aroma of coffee; ground grain with espresso. Caffitaly System preserves the coffee and guarantees a very high quality drink for a long time.


Founded in 2004 in Gaggio Montano (BO), Caffitaly System is today one of the main players in the segmented coffee market. The company distributes its combined system of internationally patented machines and capsules in more than 70 countries. Caffitaly System operates in three production and logistics plants in Bologna, Milan and Bergamo and employs around 400 people. Its turnover has reached more than 160 million euros in 2018.

Distribution in countries around the world is through distributors, who in turn collaborate with resellers and entrepreneurs who want to establish their exclusive store and join the World Caffitaly System.


At Caffitaly, the quality of our products and the services we provide come first: this is why we strive constantly to improve them.

Another fundamental aspect for us is consumer safety, and we ensure this by disseminating good production practices and providing training in legislative conformity.

We know that the contribution of everyone - staff, customers and suppliers alike - is fundamental for helping us achieve excellence in all we do. This is why we work constantly to meet their needs.